Monday, 17 March 2008


Having been working on the Skymasters competition at the Outdoors Show at the NEC this weekend, I must say that it set a new standard for leading competitions. The Entreprise wall featured a 30 metre roof section consisting of various objects to navigate, around or underneath, all gently swaying on chains to add an extra dimension to the proceedings.
Steve McClure and Percy Bishton did an amazing job with the routesetting, getting one male and one female competitor to the final hold and the rest of the field split nicely. Both Dave Barrans and sixteen year old Michaela Tracy took restpective first places and winners cheques of £1200.
Mike and Jez at X1 did a great job of organising the whole thing at it ran smoothly and on time. As climbing competitions go, this was a rare occassion in the respect that it was actually involing to be a spectator. Hopefully more of the same is to come next year.


Full results

1. Dave Barrans
2. Drew Haigh
3. Tony Musselbrook
4. Mark Croxal
5. Rob Lamey
6. Alan Cassidy
6. Rob Sutton
8. Rob Haigh

1. Micheala Tracey
2. Leah Crane
3. Beth Monks
4. Kitty Wallace
5. Katy Whittaker
6. Audrey Seguy
7. Jemma Powell
8. Annika Frodi Lundgren

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