Thursday, 22 May 2008

TCA Update

We can bring forth some good news at last as the early summer sees The Climbing Academy moving forward in its mission to Bring Bristol's boulderers a venue of national importance.

After dealing with yet more moving goalposts and their associated delays, we never thought it would be so hard to start a business that was so badly wanted by so many people. But fortunately perseverance has paid dividends and with the finance in place we're just waiting on the lease agreement to be drawn up and checked over.

With no more unforseen delays we will be hoping to open as originally planned in early autumn.

We will also be working in synergy with another business to bring many of our customers some unexpected benifits - more details to follow soon.

Sunday, 18 May 2008


As a long term tendinitis sufferer, and having been forced to have the best part of the last eighteen months without climbing, I was recommended a supplement called Celladrin to help combat my bad tennis elbows.

Celadrin is a complex blend of esterified fatty acids that have beneficial effects for the inflammatory responses in the body. They reduce inflammation and lubricate membranes of cells throughout the body, and replace fluids that help cushion bones and joints to contribute to overall flexibility and mobility.

Having been using celadrin now for nearly a month I can say that for me it has had a massive positive effect, allowing me to start climbing properly again. I still have some discomfort after training but the debilitating pain has now gone.