Monday, 22 September 2008

New bits and pieces

We're filling in the last two gaps in the perimeter, the extractor wall and perimeters end. The former has some crazy angles and the latter has a great arete. All the ducting for the extraction is on its way and the fans have been admirably dealing with all the saw and concrete dust

Work has also started on the other island structures. Mike has built a fat tanker's prow and I'm presently creating a chunky archway across to it.

We've also been having some fun with Jim's laser (in between using it seriously of course).

We've now been measured for matting and have been making decisions on the look and feel of the centre. From the reactions of all our visitors, we are pretty confident that we are setting a new standard for this type of facility. Bold words maybe but everyone here is committed to making this the best indoor bouldering venue in the UK.

And we'll be starting to release a lot more information soon...


simon said...


When are you looking to open?

looks fantastic.



Andrew said...


The place looks great...I have occasional weekdays off, I'd be willing to give you a day or 2 FREE labour. I know it's not much but I guess every little helps. Contact me!
Andy Gilbert (You taught me to climb years ago @ UCR)