Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tool Time

We've got a lot of equipment on site, and I thought you might like to know just what bits of kit everyone favours.

Being our youngest team member, Will took the obvious choice with the DeWalt chop saw. This is also a favourite of mine and Jims, it speeds up workflow immensly, and can easily make compound cuts in timber.

Tony is totally enamoured with his Screw gun. It means he can put up sheets of plasterboard at lightning pace and have time to squeeze in another tea break.

Jim is excited because his spray gun for dry lining fixing arrived today. Not my first choice but then there's no accounting for taste.

Mike's all about his Makita drill/driver. Compact yet powerful, it has a Gucci LED that lights up the work area when the trigger is pressed.

My favourite of the moment is the battery powered circular saw. It chews through battery juice but is so quick and handy around sheets of ply that I still love it. And with the laser, even long cuts are extremely accurate without a guide.

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