Thursday, 4 September 2008

Wall of Angles

Another couple days and some more progress. We finished the wall of angles today and are now only a few days away from completing phase 1. This section runs down the side wall from the cave and morphs from a gentle overhang into a very steep, sick slab.

We mounted and tested the extractors and they worked incredibly well, even before sealing. They dealt admirably with the sawdust storm we purposefully created so chalkdust will not be a problem.

Some interesting figures:
1. By my short-legged pacing, we are 592 paces from the nearest train station which is on the Severn Beach Line. This cheaply serves Montpelier, Redland, Clifton Down, through to Avonmouth and Severn Beach.
2. So far we have created 2600 square foot of climbing surface. The photos don't really do the space justice as all our visitors have commented on how much bigger it is than they expected. It's always pleasing to exceed expectations...

We've also had a few choice quotes that I am able repeat here.

"One word: SICK" Fred - director Arch Climbing Wall

"That's the best bit of wall I've ever seen" Ben West - national routesetter, wall builder, coach, ex British Bouldering Team member

"Hurry up and finish building because I need somewhere decent to train" Steve Richardson - director Bristol Climbing Centre

"This is amazing" Andy Sainsbury - local boulderer

"Can I have some lunch now?" Mike Sowell - wall builder

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