Tuesday, 5 February 2008


After 12 months of constant head-banging, dead ends and other such disappointments, we have recently struck lucky, securing a fine building with the relevant planning, and are now just awaiting the paperwork to be finalised by the lawyers. Baring earthquakes, tidal waves or other such unforeseen disasters, we will be opening the doors for the first time later this summer.
From our floorspace of 8800 square foot, 6000 square foot will be dedicated to climbing surfaces, whilst a café, treatment facility and shop will provide services to visiting climbers. There is ample parking within a two minute walking radius, and easy road access from both the motorway and from the Bath direction. We are on a main cycleway and only a short walk of 15 minutes from both the train and bus/coach stations.
We are committed to being as friendly to our home planet and our fellow human beings as is humanely possible, and the building materials we use will be from sustainable or recycled sources where available. Thinking outside of the plywood box, we will be introducing some novel and interesting features to enhance our customer experience. We will also be fitting a chalk extraction system (no not just an open door on a windy day) and the company will be carbon neutral.
The exact location will be disclosed shortly, as soon as the men in grey suits have done their crucial bit for Queen, Country and South West’s expectant climbing population.

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