Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Update on progress

As Paul's locked in at the wall building ever more complicated shapes, I thought I'd spend a few mins giving you all update.
We've been building for nearly 2 weeks now and are starting to see some real progress. The stud work for the offices, toilets, showers, treatment room is coming along nicely. There wasn't much clearing to do so our builder was able to get moving pretty quickly.
Over in the climbing area, we've started with the circuit boards. So far we've got 4 boards up along with a campus board. They all overhang from 10 to 45 degrees and are a mix of flat and shaped boards.
The basic frame for our traverse wall is also coming along so once we get the circuit boards finished we'll move onto creating the shapes to make this interesting.
We're hoping that Andy Long will be able to join us on site soon to start the problem structures - he tells us he's got some great ideas!
It's all looking very real now so over the next few weeks we'll start posting some pictures and bit more information about location, memberships, facilities etc.

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